the Universe

Shame on The Universe
shame of our destiny
shame of my angriness
shame of my pain
face off, face off… Bravoure…
let’s welcome such orbits
orbits which reveal
it reveal the future
the future of our being
to be or to love
delicate cruelty
face off, face off… Bravoure…

“Flip Tortilla: Oblique kitchen Glossary”

We would like to invite you and enjoy some Sajeria goodies with a careful selection of texts from Gabriel Garcia Marquez: “Hundred Year’s of Solitude” made by and performed by Annee Grøtte Viken which I will do my best to illustrate with some hours of atmospheric ⠁scapes.
Special thanks for the invitation by Annee Grøtte Viken, The Sajeria Foodtruck and The Studio for Immediate Spaces.

Flip Tortilla

Rains, it pours

it is coming soon…

WARNING: This film contains flashing images.



01.05.2016 aansteker, digital album release + CO2series, online

03.05.2016 vlag uit, video screening at the eye museum, amsterdam
Presenting “Vlag Uit” made in collaboration with Toby Paul.
Screening curated by Melanie Bonajo “Communication with the Non-Human”
If you would like to attend please remember to buy a ticket by HERE
Tuesday 3th May 2016
30.04.2016 the cave – the observer, soundperformance at the american book center, amsterdam
Made and performed in collaboration with Annee Grøtte Viken.
If you would like to attend please remember to reserve a place by HERE
Saturday 30th April 2016 at 14.00
28.02.2016 pandemia, release at kunst reserve bank, online

This month the organisation Kunst Reserve Bank from Amsterdam have published the design I have proposed. The materialisation was developed in collaboration with artist and director Ron Peperkamp.
Sunday 28th February 2016, online
Location:  KRB

27.01.2016 in praise of echoes soundscapes, exhibition rome at kulviksvingen

Soundperformance in collaboration with Anne Grøtte Viken.
Opening Wednesday 27 January at 19:00
Location: Kulviksvingen