“if walls would listen”




“Flip Tortilla: Oblique kitchen Glossary”

We would like to invite you and enjoy some Sajeria goodies with a careful selection of texts from Gabriel Garcia Marquez: “Hundred Year’s of Solitude” made by and performed by Annee Grøtte Viken which I will do my best to illustrate with some hours of atmospheric ⠁scapes.
Special thanks for the invitation by Annee Grøtte Viken, The Sajeria Foodtruck and The Studio for Immediate Spaces.

Flip Tortilla

Rains, it pours

it is coming soon…

WARNING: This film contains flashing images.



01.05.2016 aansteker, digital album release + CO2series, online

03.05.2016 vlag uit, video screening at the eye museum, amsterdam
Presenting “Vlag Uit” made in collaboration with Toby Paul.
Screening curated by Melanie Bonajo “Communication with the Non-Human”
If you would like to attend please remember to buy a ticket by HERE
Tuesday 3th May 2016
30.04.2016 the cave – the observer, soundperformance at the american book center, amsterdam
Made and performed in collaboration with Annee Grøtte Viken.
If you would like to attend please remember to reserve a place by HERE
Saturday 30th April 2016 at 14.00
28.02.2016 pandemia, release at kunst reserve bank, online

This month the organisation Kunst Reserve Bank from Amsterdam have published the design I have proposed. The materialisation was developed in collaboration with artist and director Ron Peperkamp.
Sunday 28th February 2016, online
Location:  KRB